Top 10 Cool Things about Being A Writer

  1. You can work from wherever you want, whenever you want.
  2. No micromanaging boss looking over your shoulder; instead, you have thousands of bosses who are mostly content as long as your next book is good.
  3. Drinking on the job is not frowned upon.
  4. Drinking at a bar is research.
  5. You can write off trips to New York or wherever you want as long as you write about it.
  6. You get to make people lie, scheme, deceive, steal, kidnap and kill.
  7. You get to have mind-blowing sex with whoever you want.
  8. You get to go to conferences and meet other authors, fans, agents, and industry people.
  9. You get to research topics by contacting a variety of professional practitioners will answer questions about all sorts of cool stuff.
  10. You get to have fun creating something that others enjoy.

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