True Detective Season 2 – How Will it End?

Keeping up with True Detective is a like trying to follow a shell game with about a dozen shells. Some people have been “hate watching” it while others have been waiting for coherent resolution. For sure, the rambling detours, Hitchcockian backstories and somewhat sparse momentum have all cast a certain drabness over the plot. Whether or not the storyline is fulfilled rests squarely on the shoulders of the season finale this Sunday.

The criminal premise of the season is spot on. A bunch of wealthy people planning to cash in on the California high speed rail quagmire. It actually presents a viable reason to build the ridiculous rail line in the first place! So corrupt politicians, criminals, and other officials can scam money off land deals. It’s a modern flair to a classic California story like Chinatown or some of Chandler’s stories where the power players and the seedy politicians are in cahoots behind the scenes.

And the epicenter of corruption is the fictional city of Vinci, modeled after places like Bell and Vernon (and many other cities that don’t get the press).

Not at all surprising to see the Vinci chief of police and lieutenant are a bad guys, but what’s with the “Blackwater” team working for Catalyst? Why was Lieutenant Burress outside the door and why did he want Woodrugh’s phone? To catch Ray and Ani?

The “Laura” connection is the lead to who killed Caspere? That would mean she avenged her parents’ killing, but blamed Caspere who was the accountant at the LAPD station? Lots of questions need to be answered. Not the least of which, who is the man who abducted Ani into the woods when she was young? Her dad or one of the other bad guys?

Frank burning down the casino and coming up with a plan was the high point of Episode 7. He now knows where he stands and what he’s going to do about it.

This Sunday it’s time to find a way out of the classic “nowhere to go” scenario. Frank will probably team with Ray and Ani to face Osip and find Laura. We have to see what happens with Chessani the younger, and whether his drunken mayor father does something.

Nic Pizzolatto will leave some questions unanswered, but let’s hope the resolution isn’t like time in a flat circle.

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