Year End Already

I’ve been remiss about blogging during a busy 2015. My next book, featuring Schmitty from the OCSD and LAPD Detective Mata, will be finished in early 2016. It’s called Bullet in the Blue Sky. I will keep everybody posed on the publication details.

Speaking of which, James Scott Bell wrote a blog recently about the future of publishing. Here is a link:

I’ll take this opportunity in advance to wish my blog friends and readers a very happy holiday season and coming 2016!

I’ve started watching The Affair on Showtime, which is well into its sophomore season. I have to remind myself that it’s not just a soap opera story of an affair, the aftermath, and the consequences, but there’s a murder mystery underlying the direction of the story.

The series—​which earned best drama series and best actress at last year’s Golden Globes – has taken us through the impulsive and the depraved of struggling writer Noah (Dominic West), a married father of four. Actress Ruth Wilson is fantastic as Allison, whose marriage evaporated after the loss of a young child. The series explores the story from two different perspectives in each episode. And it encompasses four main characters when you include the spouses.

Some of the discrepancies in each character’s accounts of the same events are too divergent, but its particular brand of unreliable characters, personal baggage, and life crisis has captured a following. Through a series of flash forward scenes, we not only know the detective has put Noah in his sights as the primary suspect in the murder of Allison’s ex-brother-in-law, Scotty. We know Noah will be charged and face a criminal trial. Yet most of the main characters have at least some motivation to kill Scotty. I know I will keep watching.

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