The Highlands (a Short Story)Highlands Cover High Res Revised 1

LAPD Detective Trainee C.P. Mata is called to assist with a homicide investigation in The Highlands, an upscale neighborhood in the Pacific Palisades. The victim is a local man whose body was found in some bushes. The investigation leads them to a friend of the victim, an attractive single woman who comes up with her own suspect. Detectives convince her to help them set up a sting to catch the killer. It catches much more than they anticipated and it catapults Mata into a career as a homicide detective.

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 Shadow Truth (a Novella)Shadow Truth Revised for KDP

A deadly boat explosion in Newport Harbor looks like an accident, but Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin “Schmitty” Schmidt soon finds himself in the middle of a homicide investigation that raises questions about his relationship to the victim’s wife.  Pitted against enemies inside the OCSD, Schmitty races to follow his own investigative instincts.

Schmitty learns that the victim had invented a new lie detector, giving the investigation new importance. The traditional polygraph was invented in the 1920s and although it’s evolved, scientists, courts, and critics know it isn’t perfect. A clever liar can manipulate anybody and any machine – until now.  This new lie detector can’t be beat. But it threatens a new future, and a lot of people will do anything to get their hands on this technology

“There’s so much going on in this little thriller: suspense, crime, politics, greed and ethics. That’s only one reason that I enjoyed Shadow Truth. In just 81 pages, the characters are well developed and the writing is vibrant. I was sucked in until the very end.”


“….this novella actually reads like a pilot episode of a good crime drama.”